Family Pasta Pack
The Best Deal in Town!

You get:
Linguini with Jumbo Meatballs in
our chunky, zesty red sauce
Italian Bread
Mixed Green Salad

just call 372-0238 to order one, and we can
have it all packed up and ready to go in about
20 minutes. We can have it hot and ready to
eat, or cold for you to heat up later.
Take Out Only.
Discounts and promotions do not apply.


food to feed
four people!!
Paleo Salmon!!
Tony has a fresh, healthy new way to
prepare Salmon. A fillet of Salmon is
grilled and topped c
oconut oil and
unsweetened shaved coconut
. Served on
a bed of freshly cut sauteed vegetables
After you eat this antioxidant packed dish,
your skin will glow, you will be more alert
and focused, and you will feel good about
yourself all day!!
Available at lunch and dinner.
Cocktails at Ciao!!!!!!!!
For the last 24 years, we have been happy serving beer and
wine to our guests, but now that we are a little bit older, we
feel that we are ready to handle the hard stuff. So, we applied
for a liquor license, and can you believe they approved us!
Starting July 1, 2009 you can have mixed drinks, cocktails,
martinis,coffee drinks, cordials, and most anything else you
can think of right here at Ciao. We are starting with the
basics: Absolut, Tanqueray, Bacardi, Dewars, Jack Daniels,
and a few cordials. Let me know what your favorite drink is
and we will build up our liquor selection based on requests
and feedback from our guests. Come on in and have some
drinks with us.
A Steak so tender, you can cut it with a spoon...................................

Our Beef Tenderloin is prime aged beef, which is a designation that is only given to 8%
off all the beef in the country! This is better meat to start with than 92% of the steaks
available anywhere in the United States. And let me tell you, Tony does NOT ruin it!! You
have several choices: Our traditional is topped with blue cheese crumbles and Tony's
balsamic reduction. The sweet balsamic reduction and the tangy blue cheese is a perfect
combination. If you are feeling a little spicy, try the tenderloin topped with shrimp and
crawfish in a spicy cajun cream sauce. And if you really want to go for the gold......... have
the beef tenderloin scampi, which is the beef tenderloin topped with 3 GIGANTIC shrimp
in a garlic butter scampi sauce. So good it will make you cry (2 separate guests have
actually said that!)
We do all      
 the work,
You get all     
the Credit!!
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